Novel Nellie is a little boutique for the unique and ethically conscious lady!  Born out of a love for authentic vintage clothing, thriftingquality handmade, and the efforts of the fair trade movement, this shop aims to offer an alternative to the vicious cycle of fast, cheap and mundane fashion!  Not only does Novel Nellie aim to offer you a quality and ethical product, but also to encourage unique, personal style that does not adhere to "trend" or peer opinion.

Here you will find well made items that are of the following ethical origins:  vintage, handmade, fair trade, upcycled or US made.  Each item is selected by hand for it's craftsmanship and/or aesthetics, in hopes that it will find a person to delight!  Because some of our items are handmade by individual artists, you can find products that are completely one of a kind!

New items and shop improvements will be added daily, so be sure to check back to see what Novel Nellie (literally) has in store! ;)

    For questions or thoughts, reach out to Novelnellie@gmail.com!