Ethical fashion consists of products made with ethical standards, such as fair wages for makers/artists/manufacturers, safe working conditions, and the enforcement of other labor standards such as no child labor.  Majority of clothing and accessory brands do not adhere to these standards-- yes, even those that are very popular and in your local shopping center or mall.  Hence the need and rise of fair trade brands and cooperatives.  Novel Nellie is not alone in the belief that ethical fashion is the future of the fashion industry!





Novel Nellie provides measurements for each garment, regardless of its origin to help give you a better idea of fit!  Not only do measurements let you know if the basic fit will be right, but even factor in your bust and hip size-- this equals more satisfaction for you, and less returns to deal with on either end! :)

All measurements for clothing are taken with the garment lying flat, measuring across and then multiplying by 2 (to equal the distance around).  You can determine your own measurements by measuring a dress that fits you well, in the same way!  You can then compare those measurements to what we have listed! For convenience, you can still search our site with size words like "small" or "10" to find garments generally in your fit range.





All of Novel Nellie's handmade items come from individual handmade artists! Check out more about each of the artists in the Artists + Brands section of the Novel Nellie blog!  Stay tuned as we continue to write profiles for each of them. <3






Novel Nellie actually bloomed out of an Etsy shop thoroughly devoted to quality vintage clothing.  That shop, Curio Vintage, is still active on Etsy-- you can read the 5 star feedback left by customers there, and even see vintage stock that may not have hit the Novel Nellie site yet!  Talk about sneek peeks, aren't you glad you read the FAQ now? ;)

Regarding product specific feedback for our non-vintage items, you can leave a review for each and every item purchased!